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Smallu is a URL shortener with a powerful management platform.

We provide analysis and URL management tools.

Analytics tools

Get useful information about when, where, and how someone clicked or touched a link!

  • Real-time analytics chart

    Check click status of the published URL in real time.
  • Geo location mapping

    List and map which countries were clicked on.
  • Total, annual, monthly, and daily clicks

    Check clicks for each period in a graph.
  • Referrals and social media clicks

    Check clicks by referrer and SNS.
  • Devices Systems clicks

    Check clicks for each device.
  • Browsers clicks

    Check clicks for each browsers.

Link Management tools

A URL shortener with a link management platform with many useful features.

  • List published URL shortening

    Check URLs in a list and sort them by old, new, or popular.
  • Custom alias of shortened URL

    Publish and Edit a shortened URL with any alias string.
  • QR code generator

    The QR Code is generated automatically. And Create a QR Code in any size up to 500px.
  • Long URLs Editor

    After published a shortened URL, you can edit the original URL.
  • Note with each links

    Add a memo to each shortened URL for management.
  • Easy SNS sharing

    A share button will also be generated so that the published URL can be easily shared on SNS.

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Premium service

Provide a customized URL shortener for your business.

Original domain shortener

We will build a shortened URL service with domain of your choice.

Unlimited expiry

Published shortened URL does not expire. It can be used for duration of contract.

Unlimited direct redirect

There is no restriction on redirection of issued shortened URLs.

Team management tools (unlimited members)

You can add members to manage the shortened URLs in your team by separating the various permissions.

Link Bundles tools

Manage links by bundles them.

Easy whole site shortening tools

There are also tools that allow you to register shortened URLs for your entire site at once.

Secure system

The sites we provide are built with full security.


An original domain and site name will contribute to branding.

Administration screen

You can also use the administration screen to manage the entire site.

Premium Service Pricing

Pay monthly : US$800
Pay annually (save 16%) : US$8,000
Initial setup fee : US$500

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