How to shorten an Amazon URL

I’m sure there are many people who share product links they find on Amazon on Twitter or write them down for themselves.
If you just copy and paste the URL from your browser’s address bar, it will be ridiculously long.

For example, here is the URL for Kindle on Amazon. It is very long. Oasis&qid=1624869737&sr=8-1
So in this article, I’ll show you how to cut unnecessary parts from Amazon’s official URL to make it shorter, as well as introduce Amazon’s official shortened URL.

Step 1: Remove the text starting with “ref=”

It makes no sense to us. Amazon uses it to track data as you browse the site, but you don’t need to include this text. You can delete it.

If you delete it, you will get the following

Step 2: Remove the product name

You can see that there is a variation of the book title in the URL.
However, this part is not actually needed. If you remove this part, the link will be much shorter, but it will still work.

If you remove it, you will get the following

Be sure to keep the “/dp/” part.
You can access the site even if you remove the “www.”, but Amazon has standardized on using “www.”, so I added it just in case.
It’s shorter now, but let’s take it one step further.

Step 3: Use

Like many companies, Amazon owns a huge number of domain names. One of those domains is If you use that domain, the link will look like this

The B07F7TLZF4 at the end is an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). Every product listed on Amazon has an ASIN, and you can check the ASIN in every version of the URL you’ve ever used

Another way – shorten it with Smallu

A completely different option is to use a shortened URL.
If you shorten it with Smallu, you will get a short URL like this

This may be the shortest.
Please take advantage of it.