NFL Trade Rumors On DeAndre Hopkins, Lamar Jackson, Jonah Williams + Odell Beckham Free Agency

NFL Rumors and news on 3/22/2023 as NFL Free Agency begins to wind down. Here’s what NFL Daily Host Tom Downey discuss on today’s show:
– DeAndre Hopkins Trade Rumors
– Jonah Williams Trade latest
– Lamar Jackson rumors and news
– Odell Beckham free agency update?

DeAndre Hopkins trade rumors:
– Ian Rapoport: DeAndre Hopkins trade talks are ramping up right now
– Contract will likely be adjusted
– Trade value isn’t that clear right now

Top DeAndre Hopkins trade destinations:
– Kansas City Chiefs
– Carolina Panthers
– New England Patriots
– New York Giants
– Cleveland Browns
– Buffalo Bills
– Baltimore Ravens
– Minnesota Vikings

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Where will DeAndre Hopkins be traded to?

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Here’s the latest on Lamar Jackson:
– PFT: A rep for Jackson has reached out to other NFL teams about a deal
– Allegedly asking for a large amount of his deal to be guaranteed & is ready to move on from the Ravens
– Lamar doesn’t have an actual agent

Where does Lamar Jackson play? Type ‘R’ for the Ravens, ‘O’ for Other

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