Are shortened URLs safe? What about viruses?

We checked “Smallu” for safety and viruses using a URL checking service.

Results of the URL checking tools we checked
Safe: Trend Micro (Trend Micro Site Safety Center)
Safe: Norton Safe Web
Safe: Kaspersky VirusDesk Virus Scanner

The major URL checking tools available on the web gave us a “safe” rating and no sign of viruses.
Smallu itself is not a problem, but the problem is when the address created by Smallu is forwarded to a dangerous site.

Smallu has a report function.
If you have a problem, please let us know the URL in question from the report page.

We want to make shortened URLs a service that can be used with confidence.

Free service to find out how safe a site is.

Trend Micro (Trend Micro Site Safety Center)
This is a service from Trend Micro, the same company behind the Virus Buster series, that evaluates the safety of your website using four different indicators, making it very easy to understand.

Norton Safe Web
Norton Safe Web is a service from Norton, a famous security software. It detects threats properly and gives you detailed URLs of the wonders.

Kaspersky VirusDesk Virus Scanner
Kaspersky VirusDesk Virus Scanner by Kaspersky, the standard virus software. Of course, it’s free to use. The search is over in a matter of seconds, so it’s very helpful when you want to do a quick search.
What’s more, not only can you check URLs, but you can also scan files in your browser.

Safe Browsing: Malicious Software and Phishing – Google Transparency Report
What’s more, Google has also released a website URL checker. It’s a good idea to check the URLs of websites to make sure they are really safe at the end of the day.

This service is provided by a famous antivirus software for free, so you can feel secure.
However, the safety of sites changes daily.
In order to make sure that your site is safe, you should check the URL with at least two tools.
I recommend using “SecureL” to check the capture and “Norton Safe Web” to check it. As a final check, use “Google Safe Browsing”.