Introduce Smallu Premium service

Premium service usage cases that solve various issues


I want to streamline the management of published URLs.
Published links can be managed on the management screen. In addition, teams can work together, so everything from link management to effectiveness can be shared and collaborated on within the team.


I want to change the link destination of an ad in the middle of submission.
If you are unable to change the link destination of an advertisement, if the procedure is complicated, or if you are unsure of the timing of the change, 00Min allows you to immediately change and confirm the long URL you have issued.


I want to improve the click rate of mail magazines and SNS.
Long URLs tend to lose their context and style. Measurement tags are unnecessary and look suspicious to the user. A simple shortened URL from your own domain will give a sense of security and lower the hurdle of clicking, while keeping the appearance intact.


I want to change the measurement tag midway.
If you want to change the measurement tag for each period, you can easily do so. In addition, in the case of incorrect submissions, it can be corrected immediately, giving you peace of mind.


I want to check the number of clicks on a link in a web page.
You can also use this function as a link to verify the effectiveness of your web page. There is no need for troublesome settings, and you can issue a URL for measurement in the same steps as issuing a regular shortened URL.


I want to verify access from QR codes.
QR code accesses, which are difficult to verify the effectiveness of, are recorded in the analysis log. This can be used as marketing data, something that has not been possible until now.


I want to use a short URL that can be remembered visually in advertisements.
Shortened URLs are ideal for getting people to remember URLs in a limited amount of time or space, such as in text or TV commercials, and to access complex arbitrary pages.


I want to change the link destination of the QR Code after it has been distributed.
It is difficult to collect the QR Codes that have been distributed. Since the link destination of the issued QR Code can be permanently managed on the management screen, the opportunity loss of unnecessary QR Codes can be prevented.