What are the advantages of using shortened URLs in various media?

One of the advantages is the ease of management. Rather than using multiple shortened URLs, you can centrally manage them by registering them as shortened URLs.

In “Smallu”, you can analyze the access of the registered URL when it is issued after member registration.

In addition, if you inadvertently register the wrong URL, or if you want to change the destination URL depending on the time period, you can change the destination URL from the management screen without changing the issued URL.

Therefore, the more media you deploy, the more benefits and peace of mind you will feel when using “Smallu”.

By using a shortened URL, the URL to be announced becomes shorter, so it is easier to understand when posted on SNS.
Of course, “Smallu” can shorten the URL and issue a QR code at once to maximize the above benefits!

It takes only one second to issue a shortened URL. It only takes a second to issue a shortened URL. Try shortening a URL first to experience the ease of use.