Tips for Successful BtoB email newsletters

Email newsletters are one of the key ways to lead the next step in communication design for BtoB marketing. Staying in touch with your leads can help you gain a deeper understanding of your company and your services.

If you encounter problems such as “I want to distribute an e-mail newsletter, but I don’t know the correct method” or “I want to improve the e-mail newsletter, but I don’t have the know-how”, refer to this article and the checklist. please. please

Checklist for Lead Acquisition in Email Newsletter Distribution

Whether or not the e-mail newsletter can be delivered to leads will be determined when personal information is obtained.

This is because you need the recipient’s permission to send ads and promotional emails. It is illegal to distribute e-mail newsletters without permission. Please be sure to obtain permission to obtain personal information from the form.

Checklist for Lead Acquisition in Email Newsletter Delivery

  • Do you have permission to send an email newsletter to the form?
  • Does your privacy policy specify the purpose for which your personal information is used?

Checklist of e-mail newsletter distribution list

If the percentage of e-mail newsletters delivered by your company is high, it may be automatically determined that the e-mail newsletter has been delivered if there are many unsolicited e-mails. If a non-delivery occurs, check the reason for the non-delivery
and take measures such as deleting it from the database or distribution list if necessary.

It is also effective to divide the distribution list into hot leads (* 1) and cold reads, and divide the contents of the e-mail newsletter to be distributed.

* 1: A hot lead is a lead that is likely to lead to business negotiations within a few months after entering the service introduction consideration stage. Conversely, a lead in the information gathering stage where there is little interest in
the service and the problem is not clear is called a “cold lead”.

Checklist of e-mail newsletter distribution list

  • Are the leads set for distribution permission?
  • Do you have separate distribution lists for hot and cold leads?
  • Has the retired lead been removed from the distribution list?
  • Did you remove the hard bounce (persistent error) lead from the distribution list?
  • Is there a rule to exclude delivery after a certain number of soft bounces (temporary errors)?
  • Are unsubscribed leads excluded from the distribution list?

E-mail newsletter delivery frequency and measurement checklist

Continuous delivery is essential for email newsletters. Please deliver at least once a week. Isn’t it often delivered once a week? However, there is no problem as long as the content is meaningful to the prospective customer.

Also, in order to measure the effect of e-mail newsletter delivery such as the number of clicks, please create a URL containing the measurement parameters and insert it in the e-mail.

E-mail newsletter delivery frequency and measurement checklist

  • Are both HTML and text mail formats set? (Multi-part delivery)
  • Will it be delivered continuously at least once a week?
  • Is it possible to add parameters to the URL of the email to measure click data etc.?
  • Have you set up DKIM or SPF?

Checklist of e-mail newsletter contents

The basis of an email newsletter is to deliver useful and interesting content for leads. Based on this assumption, pay attention to the items in the checklist and devise a way to make them read.

Also, please set a button or link for unsubscribing so that you can easily unsubscribe. Those who wish to withdraw may not be eligible for the service in the first place. Placing unsubscribe buttons and links in hard-to-find locations to reduce unsubscribed
leads doesn’t make sense for marketing efforts.

Checklist of e-mail newsletter contents

  • Is service information sent frequently?
  • Is the delivery content divided into hot leads and cold leads?
  • Is the sender (sender address) of the email set to “personal name + service name (company name)”?
  • Does the content of the subject prompt the lead to open it?
  • Do you specifically convey the benefits within 20 characters of the subject?
  • Is the content of the subject timely and very unique?
  • Is there any extra decoration such as symbols in the subject line?
  • Would you like to say hello with your personal name at the beginning of the e-mail newsletter?
  • Is the text of the e-mail newsletter “1 mail 1 message” structured so that there is not too much content?
  • Is there a URL or CTA button in the first view of the email newsletter?
  • Are there any decorations such as symbols in the body of the e-mail newsletter?
  • Is there an easy-to-understand link to unsubscribe (unsubscribe) in the e-mail newsletter?
  • Is the sender’s name and address clearly stated in the email newsletter?
  • Do multiple people perform double checks such as typographical errors and broken links before distribution?
  • Did you check that it is displayed correctly not only on your computer but also on your smartphone?
  • Is there a planning meeting for the distribution contents?
  • Do you regularly create the content you need to deliver your e-mail newsletter?
    • Case studies, white papers, blog posts, new releases, seminars, webins and more.

Checklist for measuring the effectiveness of email newsletters

If the non-delivery rate is high, there is a problem with the distribution list. Email addresses that are no longer in use should be removed from the database or removed from the distribution list.

Also, if the open rate is low, the subject may not be of interest to the reader. We need to improve the subject line that appeals to our readers and encourages the opening.

Checklist for measuring the effectiveness of email newsletters

  • Is the non-delivery rate less than 5%?
    • Number of undelivered addresses / number of distribution lists x 100
  • Is the opening rate 15% or more?
    • Number of opens / number of distribution lists x 100
  • If the opening rate is low, did you check the delivery date / delivery date?
  • Is the CTOR (reaction rate) 10% or more?
    • URL clicks opened by email x100
  • Is the click rate over 1.5%?
    • Email / delivery list URL click x100
  • Is the withdrawal rate less than 0.3%?
    • Number of unregistered / distribution list x 100

Checklist of follow-up after e-mail newsletter delivery

Delivery is not the purpose of the email newsletter.

Let’s measure the effect after distribution, grasp the behavior data of the lead, and use it for the next marketing measures, inside sales, and field sales activities.

Checklist of follow-up after e-mail newsletter delivery

  • Do you measure email start and click for each lead?
  • Would you like to get behavioral data such as opening / clicking emails and share lead information with inside / field sales?
  • Are there any rules for handling direct email replies?

You can improve your marketing results by maintaining a distribution list and providing useful information to your leads.

When delivering an e-mail newsletter, it is important to analyze the effect values and understand the current situation correctly. Use this checklist if you have a bad number or if you want to distribute an e-mail newsletter.