What is a QR code?

The “QR code” that I often hear these days. It has come to be used in various scenes, but I think that few people know the meaning of this form.

Therefore, I would like to introduce the “mechanism related to QR code”.

What is a QR code?

“QR code” is an acronym for Quick Response, which means to read and respond quickly. There is no procedure or cost to use the QR code, and the specifications are open source,
so they are applied to various scenes and are rapidly becoming widespread. It is widespread all over the world.

Used for , such as the delivery destination and delivery method, components and parts information, receipt / shipment registration factory and logistics management .

Since the URL information of the can home page recorded on flyers and posters , detailed information can be viewed on a smartphone.

You can check the information that the buyer wants to know, such as product information or producer information, in the corner of the product in the supermarket .

Of electronic ticket, such as concerts and events out of management and airplane / train ticket used is you . However, the QR code can be duplicated, so care must be taken when managing it.

It is read from the screen of the amount to be settled by entering the QR code directly on a smartphone etc. or by reading it with a barcode reader, such as electronic payment at the cash register called “QR code payment”.

As a social media account registration , you can register with a QR code when you follow a social media account such as Twitter or LINE with your friends .

In the program , we will explain the outline of the information on the supplementary information screen of the TV, and check the detailed information and the total result of the questionnaire on the homepage
displayed by reading the QR code of the smartphone.

What is the difference between barcode and QR code?

Like the QR code, there is a “bar code”. This is a coded number or alphabet, called a “one-dimensional code” because vertical lines of different thickness are arranged horizontally. The image above is a barcode version of “SoftBank”. What
is the difference from the QR code? There are two main types.

There is a lot of information in the QR code for feature 1

The QR code is sometimes called a “two-dimensional code” because it is composed of dots arranged vertically and horizontally. QR codes have more information that can be coded than barcodes, and are suitable for embedding information such as URL addresses
and email addresses as well as alphanumeric characters. You can also embed kanji / kana, image, and audio data. You can embed up to 7,089 characters in numbers only, up to 4,296 in alphanumeric characters, and up to 2,953 bytes (about 3KB) of
information in binary data (8 bits) such as images and sounds.

Function 2 If you have a smartphone, you do not need a separate reading device.

You may have seen it read at the cashier using a dedicated barcode reader. A dedicated device or a system linked to it is required to read the barcode. QR codes, on the other hand, are easy to use from the camera screen or application, as in the previous
example. Customers using smartphones are easy to use because they do not need a dedicated reader, and many people are using them with the spread of smartphones.

Read the invisible information! ?? The QR code mechanism is great!

Introducing the meaning of the shape of the QR code. As shown in the image, it consists of 3 points of “finder pattern” (cutout symbol) and 1 point of “alignment pattern”, for a total of 4 points. When reading on a smartphone, it is recognized as
a “QR code” because it has a finder pattern first.

In addition, since the QR code was developed from the beginning assuming use in factories and distribution sites, it can be corrected and read correctly even if a part of the code cannot be read due to “dirt”. I can do it. There is a function.

Since the information is complemented by the surrounding dots, even if the QR code looks distorted, the code itself can restore the unreadable part of the data, so it can be read accurately. Also, please be careful when printing on a plastic bag,
etc., as it will be difficult to read if the light is reflected.

(Example 1) Can be read even if there is a slight blue stain

(Example 2) Can be read even if the blue stain is a little large However, even if there is a correction function, the information cannot be read if the area of dirt is large or if the finder pattern or alignment pattern cannot be read.

(Example 3) If the blue stain becomes large, it becomes unreadable.

(Example 4) The finder pattern cannot be read. It cannot be read if it is dirty.

You can imagine it by actually reading the image of the QR code. The image introduced is an example, so the reading result may differ depending on the camera or application that reads the QR code.

You can create your own QR code! ??

There is no cost to use the QR code. Anyone can create and use a QR code by following the guidelines for using a QR code.

For example, if you want to access the company’s homepage by attaching a QR code to posters, leaflets, product descriptions, etc., access this page and enter the URL address in the “URL” field to analyze the access (click record). Number) After selecting
the presence or absence, you can create a QR code simply by clicking the “Create QR code” button.

It’s convenient, but it’s safe to worry about …?

Anyone can create a QR code and easily duplicate it, but I’m wondering how safe it is. In the first place, the QR code itself is neither secure nor confidential. Recently, technologies to prevent counterfeiting and duplicate detection have appeared,
but please note that QR codes can be read by anyone.

In addition, for the accurate reading accuracy of the QR code, by setting the level of “error correction” mentioned above, even if there is a part that cannot be read, it can be read.