Introduction of Smallu

Basic functions
Smallu is URL shortener service
Shortened URLs can be issued.
You can customize the shortened URL string.
Can analyze access.
You don’t need to be a registered member to use this service.

Features that can be used without registration
You can issue shortened URLs.

Functions available when you register
You can customize the text of the shortened URL.
Access analysis.
Ability to adjust the destination URL.

Customize the shortened URL string.
You can issue any character string except the existing registered ones.

Analyze access
Number of accesses in a period of time
Accessed regions
Access terminals
You can check the reference source of the access on the management screen.

Adjust the URL of the destination
If you want to change the destination URL after a certain period of time, you can change the destination URL without changing the shortened URL.

We hope you will find this feature useful.