Attracting customers to your website

Both online and offline, customers and attract There are a variety of options for .

From teens to the elderly, for most people to use the smart phone , the Web marketing success or failure is, now you have to determine the majority of the business.

In this article, we ‘ll show you the different types of web customer attractions , their strengths and weaknesses, and how to increase your customer attractions more effectively .

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What is the Web Attracting Customers?

Web attraction is a method of attracting customers through various services using the Internet. Currently, many people search sites Google, Yahoo! We are using services such as. Major video sites such as Facebook, Twitter, other social
networks, and YouTube.

By utilizing such services for many users, it is possible to attract people effectively at low cost.

In addition, the purpose of attracting customers on the Web is not limited to direct sales that lead to the purchase of products and services provided by the company through advertising.

By continuing to provide compelling pages and useful knowledge, you can raise awareness and preferences for your company and create opportunities for prospects to choose your company.

As many people have smartphones and connect with people on the Internet, the methods of attracting customers on the Web are diversifying and becoming more and more important.

Types of web that attract customers

There are many points of contact for attracting customers and connecting to your site on the Web, and the inflow route to each site is called a “channel”.

Analytics are needed to determine how many people are visiting your site in a way that attracts customers.

This section describes channel classification and its characteristics in Google Analytics, which is considered to be the most popular user.

Inflow from natural search (organic search)

Accessing a user’s site from a word search by a search engine such as Google or Yahoo is called a search influx.

There are two types of inflow from search: natural search and paid search. Natural search results are those that do not have an “advertisement” mark at the top of the search results and those that do not have an “advertisement” mark.

To get your site to the top with natural search, you need knowledge and time about SEO, and above all, the high quality content of your site.

Paid search is the same screen as natural search, and marks such as “advertisement” and “advertisement” are displayed in the upper right.

Paid search is the part displayed by paid ads called listing ads (search link ads), which will be described later, and it costs a little to post.

Paid ads are more eye-catching, with ads related to your search terms prominent.

Inflow from display advertising (display)

Display advertisements are advertisements that appear on the top page of information portal sites and inventories of related sites.

It often appears with an image or video at the right or bottom of the site, and when clicked, it directs the user to a configured web page.

Since we can guide users regardless of the search term, we can approach people who do not know or are not interested in the company’s services. It is also called a banner ad because it often displays a banner.

Inflow from social media (social)

Access to a site from articles posted on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, or articles disseminated by other users, is called an influx from social media.

Users who access the site from SNS know the advertisement by retweets from friends and followers, so it is a feature that many users access the site with reliability and interest close to direct word of mouth.

In particular, sharing and retweet articles with influential people called influencers can result in thousands to tens of thousands of visits per post.

In addition to tweeting and updating the information of the official account, you can use it in various ways such as introducing articles on your company’s website.

Inflow from external sites (introduction)

Visits from links posted on products, services, and other sites that provide information related to your company are inflows from external sites.

The more affiliated sites you have, the more chances you have to attract customers.

Posting a link on another site is called an inbound link, and increasing this inbound link is also effective in improving the search ranking of natural search and increasing the inflow from natural search results.

Inflow from email (email)

You can also use the guide link to access the company’s site mentioned in the email. For example, you can subscribe to an e-mail newsletter or distribute information to customers who have used the service once.

Many users find advertising emails annoying, and most of them are classified as junk emails or sent to unread trash.

With the exception of email newsletters that deliver a lot of useful information registered by users themselves and users who are already fans of the company, it may be counterproductive for users who do not.

Direct inflow (direct)

Many people add their favorite sites to their favorites and bookmarks.

In this way, if you access your site directly without going through a search engine or other site, it will flow directly. In a broad sense, inflow from email links is also a direct inflow method.

To register as a favorite or bookmark, you need to know that there is a lot of useful content on your site and want to see it again.

After visiting in other ways, you need to create a rich site to connect directly to the influx.

Inflow from other ads (other ads)

Refers to the inflow of advertisements other than the above.

Affiliate Inflow (Affiliate)

Affiliate advertising guides you to the purchase page by introducing a specific product or service in articles such as personal blogs and commercial blogs, and by posting affiliate advertising.

Since blogs dealing with related themes and blog operators who are already using the service will introduce them, it is possible to attract users who are highly motivated to purchase.

Often this is a performance-based reward, but it requires ongoing costs such as affiliate service provider upfront costs and monthly fees.

Other inflows

All visits that Google Analytics cannot determine will be displayed as “Other”.

Even if it says “Other”, it is certain that you are actually visiting by one of the above methods, but it is recommended that you specify an accurate value, such as reporting the above report.

In that case, specify “Campaign Media” and set the specified value of Google Analytics to solve it.


How to attract the web and its strengths / weaknesses

There are many ways to attract customers to the web.

Each of these methods has its strengths and weaknesses, and many companies are taking several steps in parallel to make up for their weaknesses.

This paragraph introduces specific ways to attract customers to the Web and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Advantages and disadvantages of SEO methods and SEO measures

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization, which means search engine optimization.

Of many websites, the effort to display your site at the top of search results and increase your exposure is called “SEO protection.”

Benefits of SEO measures

The advantage of SEO measures is that each piece of content becomes a profitable asset over time.

Until around 2011, SEO measures used many keywords and purchased links from vendors and displayed them at the top because the context became unnatural and the content became thin.

However, recent changes have been made to the specifications of the system, with an emphasis on whether it is more complete and useful to the reader.

A site that continuously provides content that is of high value to users is like a permanent gold vein. Of course, you need to keep updating quality content, but articles that have been updated in the past are one of the important ways to access them.

Disadvantages of SEO measures

The disadvantage of SEO measures is that it takes time from content creation to attracting customers.

In order to get high marks from search engines, it is necessary to deliver a lot of useful content and introduce it to various external sites with its quantity and quality.

SEO measures

SEO measures need to constantly understand the technical limitations and rules of modern search engines and devise ways to correctly recognize the value of enhanced sites.

These ideas can be broadly divided into three types: internal measures, external measures (link building), and content measures.

Internal measures

The internal measure is to adjust and optimize the HTML source code so that it can be easily recognized by search robots such as Google.

Use important keywords in titles and headline tags to help you understand what your article looks like and enhance the internal links that lead to articles on related sites to add value to your article.

By setting menus and titles in an easy-to-understand manner, you can create sites and search robots that are easy for users to use and improve the quality of the entire site.

External measures (link building)

As an external measure, the more backlinks from an external site, the more likely it is to be judged as a popular site and reflected in search results.

The easiest way is to post and link articles to major portals or news sites.

In addition, we may ask you to introduce articles from external sites that have gained the sympathy and support of many users on SNS.

Content measures

Of the three measurements, the most important, time-consuming, and time-consuming measurement is the content measurement.

No matter how much you sell to the outside or devise the inside of the site to make it easier to use, it is meaningless unless you enrich the essential content.

The best SEO strategy is to continuously provide useful and highly specialized content that you want to introduce to someone and improve the quality of the site itself.


It is no exaggeration to say that SNS is now used by most smartphone users.

In many cases, you create an official account for your company and create a pseudo-personality not only for advertising purposes, but also to increase name recognition and preferences, and to tweet about things that are not directly related to your
daily life or company. There are also companies. I have

Before using SNS, let’s know the characteristics and user base of each.

  • Facebook

Facebook is based on real name registration, and most of the people who are connected are real friends and people at work. Profiles such as age, gender, place of residence, work history, and hobbies are also set in detail.

It is said that more than 40 million people use it in USA, and because the real name registration is highly reliable, there is a high sense of responsibility for the awareness and remarks that it can be seen.

  • Instagram

Instagram is used in a similar way to Facebook, but the real name registration rate is not very high, and the main purpose of this service is to post photos and share them with various people.

Compared to other SNSs, the overwhelming majority of young female users in their teens to 20s are SNSs.

There are many photo posts such as fashion, gourmet, photogenic travel destinations (where the photos look good), and the word “Instagram” has taken root.

There are many young people who are sensitive to fashion, and it is the best service for advertising targeting them.

  • twitter

It is an SNS that allows you to post short sentences of up to 140 characters as “tweets”.

This is also an app that has a particularly large number of users in their teens to 20s, but it is not a real name but a nickname registration, and the content of the profile is also different. Compared to Instagram, the usage rate of men and women
in their 30s and above is high, and many people have multiple accounts with different purposes.

In addition to likes that express sympathy and support for your favorite tweets, replies are called “replies”, article sharing on Facebook is called “retweets”, and explosive retweets and becoming famous are called “buzz” on Twitter. increase. There
are also many phrases.

  • Youtube

The largest video posting site. Anyone with a Google account can post, and it is not uncommon for “YouTube” to post videos on YouTube and make a living from advertising fees.

Popular posts are repeatedly viewed by millions of people, which in turn increases their effectiveness in attracting customers and promoting sales.

SNS advertising

The main difference between social media ads and other ad formats is that they are interactive and allow you to see real-time responses from customers and potential customers.

SNS has many merits such as the speed of spreading articles from user to user, and depending on the service, it is possible to market only to those who want to distribute information from the profile.

In a nutshell, SNS has its own characteristics and different user bases. Keep the points of each service down so that you can efficiently deliver ads to the people you want to approach.

  • Facebook ads

The advantage of displaying ads on Facebook is that the price of inventory is relatively low and the targeting accuracy is high. Since it can be viewed by acquaintances, the accuracy of profile information is guaranteed to some extent, and detailed
targeting is possible.

Based on your profile information, you can accurately deliver advertisements that users may be interested in.

The downside of Facebook ads is that you get potential users instead of real users, and it takes time to get results.

Since information is mainly shared from acquaintance to acquaintance, the spread speed is inevitably slower than that of anonymous SNS.

Since article sharing is posted on the timeline of real acquaintances, the criteria for judging “it is okay to spread” tend to be strict.

Because of this situation, ads that solve problems that people don’t want to be known about can be a disadvantage on Facebook with real names.

  • Instagram ads

Instagram is not a real name registration, but there are many people who link to Facebook, and it has the advantage of high targeting accuracy.

Instagram users are aware of age trends and have a keen interest in cute and stylish things, which makes them very useful for cosmetics, fashion, gourmet and travel related advertising.

You can also place ads on a feature called Instagram stories. Since it is inserted in a personal post, you can easily deliver advertisements without feeling any discomfort or “advertisement”. Since the main SNS is posting photos, it will be easier
to blend in with ads that emphasize visuals.

The downside of Instagram ads is that they are hard to reach for people who aren’t using Instagram.

News such as annoying behavior of some users pursuing Instagram and behavior at restaurants has become a hot topic, and many SNS users say that they do not use Instagram.

In order to reach such people, we need to approach them in another way from other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • Twitter ads

The advantage of advertising on Twitter is the speed at which it spreads.

Actions to spread anonymously The “retweet” operation is easy, so posts with a lot of empathy will spread more and more in the second and third spreads.

Advertiser advertising fees are also cost-effective when spread widely, as they only incur when the tweet is retweeted directly and not in the retweet after the second spread.

The disadvantage of Twitter is that it is difficult to target because the accuracy of the profile is lower than that of Facebook and it spreads to an unspecified number of people.

Also, if your ad contains problematic expressions, the more spread your ad, the more likely it is to catch fire.

Due to its high anonymity, there are many unintended, unintended replies, radical expressions, and false alarms called “fucking lips” that should be used with caution.


Many companies have their own service-specific apps. Some companies create “advertisements for their apps” to provide more information and direct them to the app first.

The advantage of creating your own app is to make your repeaters a royal customer.

We aim to become a fan that will not be robbed by other companies by providing useful information and special discounts to customers who have used it many times.

Apps that are easy to install and update have low hurdles to use and are easy to use.

Accessing this site from the app, such as after updating information, will also increase the direct influx.

The disadvantage is that it is difficult to acquire new customers.

This service is for those who already know or have used it, so it is necessary for new customers to use it in another way at the same time.

List ads

Listing ads correspond to the “inflow from paid search” introduced in the paragraph above. This is a mechanism for registering for paid inventory and paying each time a user clicks on an ad.

The advantage of advertising is that it advertises to users who are searching by keyword, so it is easy to advertise to interested users and you can start exposure immediately.

If you don’t click it, you won’t have to pay for advertising, so you can move even within a limited budget. In addition, since the period until results are obtained is relatively short, it can be used provisionally until the results of long-term development
such as content enrichment and SNS advertisements are obtained.

The downside of paid lists is that even with pay-per-click, it’s difficult to predict the impact it will have on users and can exceed your budget.

There are also products and services that are basically able to operate on a small budget, but are behind competitors with high cost-per-click and budget-rich. As long as it stays up and running, it will be costly and efforts must be made to increase
the influx of nature exploration.

Display advertising

It is an advertisement using images and videos.

The advantage of display advertising is that it costs less for large exposures. You can also use product photos and videos of usage examples, so it is an advertisement that can visually approach potential customers.

The disadvantage is that it often reaches people who are not interested in the service, and it takes a long time to actually get results.

You can narrow down the user base to some extent by limiting the content that displays ads to specific keywords and categories, or by narrowing down the time and region.

Remarketing advertising

Remarketing ads are when you visit a site once, but then chase after someone who has left without a contract or purchase and show the ad again.

Many people compare and consider many similar sites when searching for information online.

The advantage of remarketing ads is that re-approaching prospects improves conversion rates (CVR: the probability that someone will actually buy or register as a member). In industries such as apparel, remarketing is known to more than double the
closing rate of people who search for common words other than their name or trademarked product name.

The disadvantage of remarketing is that it doesn’t go well with information magazines or products in a hurry that make sense to buy right away. If you need to make a quick decision without prolonging the comparison / review, you may have already signed
a contract on another site, even if you track and display the ad the next day or a few days later.

Native advertising

Native ads are natural ads that don’t feel like ads. In the text, it naturally leads to advertisements for services and products, but unlike stealth marketing, it is clearly stated that it is an advertisement.

The advantage of native ads is that they are likely to have higher CVR because they are compelling with ads that look natural.

Banner ads and list ads unilaterally list the products and services that advertisers want to sell. Native advertising has valuable and useful information in addition to product information, and because of its high quality as content, it tends to be
favored by more people.

The downside of native advertising is that it takes effort to create high-value content that can naturally lead to services and products.

There are ways to outsource, but the goodness of our products and services is unobtrusive and can cost some money to express well.


Affiliate ads are somewhere between listing ads, display ads, and native ads.

When a user clicks to purchase an item, the affiliate blogger is paid as an advertising fee. Ads may be displayed in the advertising space at the bottom of the site, left and right, etc., or they may be featured in articles, and if they are featured
in articles, the contract rate will be high.

However, there are also upfront costs and intermediate margins to pay to affiliate service providers. In addition, you have to pay as much as you make a deal, which is not appropriate if you have a fixed monthly advertising budget.

MA tool

Marketing automation tool (MA tool) is a general term for system tools that can automate some tasks such as managing customer information and distributing e-mail newsletters.

Various tools have been developed, such as those specialized for some operations and those with multiple functions, and the required tools differ depending on the purpose of introduction and the marketing situation of the company.

While this implementation has the advantage of reducing man-hours and costs, it also carries the risk of not being able to master complex tools and having to carry them over.

Identify the features you need from all perspectives, including current marketing issues, talent, and skills, and choose the one that’s right for your company.

How to attract customers on the web in each industry

Although it is a Web that attracts customers, the efficient method differs depending on the type of industry.

This paragraph will show you how to attract customers on the web by vendor.

How to attract customers online at a restaurant

Restaurants are an industry with an overwhelming number of competitors.

There are many major portal sites such as tabelog, Gurunavi, and chili peppers, and it is difficult to select just by registering.

It goes without saying that the photos and contents posted on the portal site will be enriched, but the merit of having your own homepage is also great. It makes it easier for users to visit the store because it can provide detailed information that
users want to know, such as the abundance of menu photos, individual prices, and the atmosphere inside the store.

Also, when using SNS at a restaurant, it is good to understand not only the main user group of each service but also the information you want to convey and the characteristics of the service.

For example, you can use it like a leaflet to register as a friend with the official LINE account and announce a limited-time fair, or to announce a daily menu on Instagram. In media such as Facebook and Instagram, where there are many reports of
lunch and dinner, it seems that some stores display screens with photos and impressions of meals and issue discount coupons.

Also, many people search for nearby restaurants on Google Maps. You can expect to attract customers by posting as many colorful and delicious photos as possible and photos of the inside of the store.

The point when posting a listing advertisement is how to make “eye-catching sentences”. If you have a fascinating word such as “Black” or “Fresh vegetables in the morning”, use it more and more to stimulate your appetite.

How to attract customers online at a beauty salon

Beauty salons have many competitors, many of whom struggle to differentiate themselves from other stores.

We recommend that you register with major portals to attract new customers to the beauty salon. Let’s devise so that you will be interested in introducing photos and stylists.

In addition, it is also effective to enhance the website and operate the application in order to train repeaters who have visited the store once.

Many beauty salon repeaters like the skill of a beautician, but they lack such content to make them think that “the quality of the beautician is high” and “I can talk about hair problems”. As a column on the site. can not.

How to attract customers to the Chiropractic / Acupuncture / Osteopathy Clinic website

Most people searching for Manipulation / Acupuncture / Osteopathic Clinics already have some pain or abnormality.

There is a portal site for manual therapy, acupuncture and osteopathy clinics, but many people feel pain and are close to word searches such as “place name + symptoms” and “manipulative therapy, acupuncture, osteopathy clinic, massage”. It has a good
reputation. I think you will often look for it.

Clinics with a lot of access not only make the text easy to understand, but also use abundant images taken independently.

With WordPress, you can easily increase the content of your articles and insert and replace images. It is useful to update useful articles such as tips and how to determine symptoms to increase the influx of natural searches.

How to attract customers to hotels and inns

For new hotels and inns, we recommend that you acquire new customers on the information portal site.

Let’s start by giving a name and enriching the content of our site. If you are interested in the photos and reviews posted, please visit the company’s homepage.

For well-established hotels and inns that are worth the name, create user-generated content (UGC) on your website.

If we create friendly and convenient content while maintaining formalism, we will not only get repeat customers from existing customers, but also new customers who are shunned by the high hurdles.

It is also possible to leave a web that attracts customers to the outside

It takes time and patience to attract customers online. In particular, SEO measures and advertising with a high effect of attracting customers often require specialized knowledge, which can be difficult without know-how.

First of all, we may ask a consulting company who understands our situation and main products and services and supports the operation of the Web. Of course, it costs a certain amount of money to make a request, so it is better to gradually prepare
human resources and environment so that it can only be operated in-house in the future.

Since it is difficult for non-experts to develop, it is highly possible that the quality will improve if you ask an outsider.

Now that web marketing has become the basis for attracting customers, it’s not uncommon to outsource some of it. By making good use of external services, you can focus on enriching your content and, as a result, improve the quality of your site.


There are many ways to attract customers to the web, but no matter which way you choose, it’s imperative that you have good content to connect people who visit your site at a glance to conversions.

Having assets such as useful information and content helps to establish the image of the company and build trust.

Let’s manage short-term measures and long-term measures in parallel while referring to your company’s human resources and budget.