10 Ways to Get More Followers

I’ve created an official Twitter account for my company, but I’m worried that my followers won’t increase at all. ..

I think there are many people who are in charge of such SNS management.

For the time being, you might expect to create a Twitter account to naturally increase your followers, but the average user won’t follow you unless you have the opportunity. Unless you’re originally a fan of the enterprise, you won’t notice the account

So this time, I will introduce “10 ways to increase followers with a Twitter corporate account”. We will explain in detail the solution to increase the number of followers, so please refer to it.

Meaning to increase followers with Twitter corporate account

What does it mean to increase followers as part of a company’s Twitter marketing in the first place? I will explain from two perspectives: raising awareness and distance from the user.

Raise awareness of products and services

If you have a product of interest within your company or a new product with a focus on development, you’ll want to let many users know and encourage them to buy.

At that time, the more followers you have on Twitter, the more people you can advertise without spending money on advertising. If it is a limited-time product, you can tell it to many people in real time.

And if you have “fans” who retweet as well as inform your followers, Twitter will be even more influential. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a single tweet to trigger a large number of posts leading to product purchases. Having many followers is a powerful
way to provide real-time information.

Close to the user

By becoming a follower of Twitter, you can also shorten the psychological distance. Users generally feel the company wall more than the company thinks. If you can become a follower of Twitter and exchange tweets and comments, you can feel intimacy
and intimacy with the company.

By repeatedly creating small communication points on Twitter, more fans will say “I like this company” and more users will retweet and send positive messages.

Why users follow corporate accounts

In the first place, users not only vaguely follow the company’s Twitter account, but also act with the reason and motivation of “I want to follow this company!”. Therefore, we need to devise a way for users to want to follow this company.

The most common reason to follow a corporate account is when you feel it provides useful information. Therefore, it is very important to send what you think will be useful, such as favorable campaigns or discount information for users.

On the contrary, even if you follow it, it may be canceled. If you feel that you have a lot of posts that aren’t relevant to you, you tend to be unfollowed. It’s important to stay away from your followers so that you don’t just post one-way streets
that focus on ads.

10 Ways to Get More Followers With Your Twitter Corporate Account

Here are 10 specific ways to get more followers on your Twitter corporate account. Please take action one by one while referring to it.

1. Clarify targeting

First, let’s clarify the targeting of your company’s account again. Clarify who you want to follow on Twitter, rather than publicize it.

Depending on the product, it may be necessary to set some goals, such as anti-aging care cosmetics for people in their 40s and above, and cute clothes for people in their 20s. From there, let’s take a closer look at the problem with the target image.
By continuing to provide useful information on this issue, the number of followers will gradually increase.

2. Make your profile easier to understand

Is your company’s account profile easy to understand for first-time users? When a user follows, they read their profile to see what kind of company they are. Therefore, you need to create a profile that matches your target image and make it interesting.

First of all, you may not be able to tell from the user name alone, so please add @ after that and include the name of the hit product in your product. If it is a product that everyone knows, they will follow you with a sense of security that it is
a company that sells a product called XX.

Next, write the target text and introduce the product. To stay up-to-date, update your profile header image frequently as your campaign changes, such as for sale items. It is also essential to paste the URL of the company’s official website.

3. First, have your relatives follow you

It usually takes time to find a Twitter account. We don’t want to follow single-digit accounts, so let’s get employees and existing customers to follow us first.

In addition, as a way to acquire followers at an early stage, it is also effective to implement “follower-only benefits” and make them fixed tweets. If there are obvious benefits, the follow-up rate will be higher.

4. Determine the posting rules

If you post to Twitter only when you come up with it, you won’t have more chances to see your tweets. Don’t be capricious, post daily and tweet useful information. As a posting rule, it is easier to continue if you decide to “tweet one tweet every
morning at 8 o’clock”.

It is also effective to set rules regarding the content of posts. Being consistent as a company leads to gaining the trust of users.

5. Devise the timing of posting

You can’t see it if you post it all the time, but it may be easier to see. Most people use Twitter in their free time. Especially easy-to-see timings are commuting hours from 8 am to 9 am and 5 pm to 6 pm. Many people are checking Twitter at this
point, so it’s a good time.

Also, Twitter is easy to read from 12:00 to 13:00 during the lunch break and around 22:00 at night when work and school are calm. However, it actually depends on the attributes of the followers, so let’s adjust while looking at the engagement rate
such as likes and retweets of posts.

6. Utilize hashtags

Many users are currently searching for what they want to know using hashtags, so posting trendy topics with hashtags makes it easier to find.

We also encourage you to create your own hashtag and have your followers use it.

7. Tweet with image / video

When tweeting, please post with images and videos as much as possible. Tweets that include images and videos tend to have a higher response rate from users than tweets that contain only text.

Be sure to attach images and videos to important posts that you want a lot of people to know about, such as campaign tweets.

8. Interact with users with high affinity

If you approach users who are already interested in your product, you are more likely to increase your followers. Specific approaches include likes and retweets for user posts. Do an egosearch by your company’s product name or company name and rate
your post first. If you have a tweet that contains very positive reviews or useful information (such as new usage of the product), it’s also helpful to quote and retweet with a thank-you comment.

Users who follow their competitors’ Twitter accounts also have a high affinity. It’s one of the most effective means, like posting by competing followers.

9. Perform regular analysis

Frequent analysis within the company is also important and will help you plan your future strategies. The number of new followers, the number of impressions you get by increasing the number of posts, the number of profile clicks you can increase by
maintaining an attractive profile, and the engagement rate you can increase by increasing retweets and likes index Etc. are important. ..

Check these indicators regularly, for example monthly, and improve any shortcomings.

10. Hit the Twitter campaign

Twitter campaigns are the most effective way to get more followers at once. Campaigns that users find useful, such as being able to apply for gift projects by following them, are often talked about.

Especially on Twitter, there is a campaign where you can get gifts by lottery by follow-up or retweet as an application condition. We also recommend that you consider the implementations of Basics 1-9 introduced so far.

Precautions when increasing followers

Finally, I will explain the points to note when increasing followers.

Avoid burns

Proper posting can cause your content to get caught up in sensitive statements such as politics and religion. Posting other unreliable information or fake news as is can cause a fire. Instead of posting only on Twitter, check with multiple people
in the company and post if there are any problems.

Beware of freezing

Anyway, I want to get more followers, so I have to be careful not to freeze my account. First, don’t buy any number of followers.

In addition, if you actively follow up from the company, the maximum number of people you can follow in one day is set. Up to 400 followers for regular accounts and up to 1,000 followers for authenticated accounts. I want to follow a lot, but please
be aware that it may freeze if it is determined to be a malicious account.


how was it?

This time, we introduced “10 ways to increase followers with a Twitter corporate account”.

You cannot increase the number of followers just by posting silently. Please try the method introduced this time.

And let’s gradually increase the number of fans!