What is SEO?

SEO is one of the means to attract customers on the web, known along with web advertising and email newsletters.

If successful, it can attract more customers in the long run and lower financial costs.

But SEO isn’t just about the benefits. There are some drawbacks that cannot be ignored.

Many people are interested in SEO because it seems to be able to attract customers for free, but if you do not understand the disadvantages of SEO, you are more likely to fail.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain from the basics of SEO to the points of success in an easy-to-understand manner even for beginners. Please read to the end.

When you start marketing, you definitely You should keep in mind about “digital marketing”.
In recent years, digital marketing has been attracting attention in the marketing industry, and if you are involved in marketing even a little, you will not be at a loss even if you know “what kind of marketing method”.
This blog has been given away the “Digital Marketing Encyclopedia” for popular freedom ! Please read the explanation as it is easy to understand even for beginners.

What is SEO?

SEO, S Earch E Ngine O is an abbreviation for optimization (search engine optimization) such as Google and Yahoo !. How to operate a website to encourage user visits from search engines .

Specifically, it is , to create a search engine analysis easy site (internal measures), to mass upload high-quality content (content protection) is , the search results top to display the aims to
be you .

In addition to Google and Yahoo !, there are various types of search engines such as Bing, but SEO primarily refers to Google ‘s search engine optimization .

Also, Yahoo!It uses the same search engine as Google. In other words, if you optimize your site for Google’s search engine, it’s Yahoo! Will be optimized for.

The share of USA search engines is Google and Yahoo! Since it is 90% or more, it is okay to think that “SEO = Google measures”.

Benefits of SEO

SEO has the following advantages over other web measures such as web advertising and SNS operation.

  • Relatively costly
  • If it is effective, you can get a high ability to attract customers in the medium to long term.
  • Become branding

I will explain the merits of each.

Advantages 1. The cost is relatively easy

For example, for web ads, you will be charged the amount the ad was displayed or the amount the ad was clicked on.

SEO, on the other hand, doesn’t cost you when your content appears or is clicked in search results .

Of course, building and operating a site and creating content is costly. However, once it is made, it will attract customers over the medium to long term, so it will function as an “asset”.

Merit 2. If effective, it will lead to medium- to long-term attracting customers

If your site grows enough to get high search results for a lot of content, it won’t fall so easily.

Unless competing sites rise or search engine ratings change significantly, content that once won the top ranks will be a medium- to long-term medium- to long-term customer attraction medium .

Even if you are competing for the first place with one keyword, if you can maintain the top position with another keyword, you will not lose your ability to attract customers immediately.

In addition, users may refer to articles that are ranked second or lower, so even if they are not ranked first, their ability to attract customers with that content will not be lost.

Merit 3. Become branding

The sites that are ranked high in the search results are “sites that Google recognizes the value of content”.

In other words, sites that are ranked high in search results with a large number of keywords are more likely to be trusted by users, and as a result, the brand image of the site or product can be expected to improve.

In addition, the content displayed at the top is often cited as reference material for other sites, so there is also an opportunity to gain influx and trust from non-search engines.

Disadvantages of SEO

SEO is cheap and has a high ability to attract customers, but it also has disadvantages. There are three main drawbacks:

  • Even if it costs money, it is not always effective.
  • It takes time for the effect to appear
  • Ranking changes as search engine updates

Let’s take a closer look at each drawback.

Disadvantages 1. Costs do not always produce results

Running a site to your search engine preferences is not easy. If you don’t remember , search engine criteria etc. “Doing this will be a penalty” and ” Evaluation you would otherwise lose ” , no matter how much you
spend, you Can’t get any results.

When attracting customers with SEO, the probability of success increases if you thoroughly investigate in advance or outsource to a company specializing in SEO.

Disadvantages 2. It takes time for the effect to appear

Unlike web ads, which are published as soon as they are submitted, it takes time for content to appear (index) in search results.

The time required depends on the keywords and the fierce competition, but I think it will take about 1 to 3 months .

Also, if you are ranked first in the search results, it will take time because you will need to take measures such as brushing up the content and reviewing the site structure.

In SEO, time is an inevitable path. If you want to get results with SEO, you have to be patient and keep working until it works.

Disadvantages 3. Ranking changes as search engines are updated

Google is an evaluation method and criteria for the search engine regularly updated and are, in some cases, there is a possibility that the search results big changes that are likely to significantly change the is performed.

Depending on the content, it may be “It was the best until yesterday, but now it is the third page”.

However, there are some aspects of the update that are generally not a disadvantage. Rankings will change by the update is , part of the site is down, part of the site for which is up is.

In the first place, Google is updating to provide great content to its users. Since updating is an uncertain factor, I introduced it as a disadvantage this time. But, good site of the content is beneficial to SEO there is also a face
you .

Evaluation criteria of major search engines

For successful SEO, you need to know what elements of your site are rated by Google and how.

In conclusion, Google will rate the “content” and “backlinks” of your site. Let’s take a closer look at how we specifically evaluate it.

Content quality and quantity

As of 2021, the most important criteria are the quality and quantity of content. Unlike backlinks, which we’ll discuss later, content is completely under the control of the site operator, making it a top SEO priority.

  • The quality of the content is how much do? Is it possible to provide accurate and easy-to-understand information about your search intent, whether headings are used properly, text decorations are used properly,
    pages are bright, and there are no errors?
  • The amount of content includes
    the integrity ofthe information , the number of content on the site, and so on.

In particular, “EAT” is an element related to the quality and quantity of content .

What is “EAT”?

  • Expertise ( E Xpertise)
  • Authority ( A uthoritativeness)
  • Reliability ( T rust resistance )

A coined word for

Taking a specialized field as an example, “10 recommended headphones” has more information than “3 recommended headphones”. Therefore, it is judged that the specialty is also high.

Be sure to remember “EAT” as Google officially states that “EAT is an important factor in evaluating a page”.

In addition to text and images, content includes audio, video and code (HTML / CSS / JavaScript, etc.).

Of these, text is the main criterion , and for images and videos, using the HTML alt attribute to describe the text will improve SEO.

Quality and quantity of backlinks

Backlinks are links on your site that are posted on other sites. The better the quality and quantity of this backlink, the better your site.

  • What is the quality of the backlinks ? What kind of site is the backlink, the new date of the backlink, etc.
  • The amount of
    backlinks is the number of times they are backlinks, the number of sites that reference your site, and so on.

The bottom line is that your site is introduced by Improve Your SEO’s reputation for receiving backlinks from reputable sites and many sites .

Unlike content, backlinks are an element that publishers have no control over . Therefore, it is a little lower priority, but it is definitely an important criterion. If possible, you should create a site that encourages backlinks
as much as possible.

Also, if you install a large number of backlinks on a mass-produced perasite, you will be penalized, so please do not do it.

This was previously a workaround that actually worked as a “black hat SEO”, but due to the complexity of search engine mechanics, Google will soon detect such tricks.

Other evaluation criteria

In addition to content and backlinks, Google has detailed standards. Let me introduce some.

  • Site update frequency
  • Site operation period
  • Number of SNS shares
  • Is it mobile compatible?
  • Do you support AMP?
  • Lots of ads
  • Internal / external links
  • Does the site support SSL?
  • Are you infected with a virus?
  • Is there copyright infringement?

It’s hard to keep track of everything, but there are some things to keep in mind when running a website, regardless of SEO. In other words , if you manage your site properly, you can naturally clear many evaluation criteria .

A search engine system that actually visits a site and evaluates its content is called a “crawler.” If you know how crawlers work, you can use them for SEO, so be sure to know.

SEO type

There are three main types of SEO:

  • External measures
    for the purpose of link acquisition from the other site measures
  • Internal measures
    in order to assess the site properly in the search engine measures taken
  • Content measures Measures aimed at higher-level display by identifying the keywords to be adopted and brushing up the content

Let’s take a closer look at each measure.

External measures

External measures are SEO measures aimed at acquiring backlinks, which is an important element of SEO.

It is not possible to increase the number of backlinks at the will of the publisher. Therefore, the basic external measure is to keep your site running steadily until it has grown enough to be introduced
to others .

However, there are some other things you can do.

Specific external countermeasures

  • Set SNS share button
  • Call for “link welcome” on the site
  • Request reciprocal links from other sites
  • Have them posted on the satellite site

These are all trivial measures, but if possible, there is no loss in doing so.

Note that reciprocal links and postings on satellite sites will be penalized depending on possible methods . Consider carefully when doing them.

Internal measures

Internal measures are SEO measures that create a site so that search engines can easily analyze the site and create content so that the content can be communicated properly. Unlike external measures, it is a measure that can be completely managed
by the site management side.

The specific internal measures are as follows.

Specific internal measures

  • Put keywords in titles and headlines
  • Use headings in the correct order
  • Give the image a name (×: img001.jpg ○: blastmail-top.jpg)
  • Use the alt attribute to set the text description of the image
  • URL normalization (with or without www or .html)
  • Use the bread crumb trail
  • The site hierarchy must be up to 3 levels (all pages can be accessed with a double click from the top page)
  • Set up an XML sitemap

There are various other measures. Internal measures are also explained in detail in the next article, so please refer to that as well.

Content measures

Content measurement is as important as, or even more important than, internal measurement.

Content measures And identifies the keyword (you want to display at the top) to be taken, to improve the quality of content, it refers to the SEO measures to efficiently view the site at the top you .

Content measures may be introduced as part of internal measures, but this time they will be introduced in a different frame.

This is for content measures compared to in-house measures with many technical elements. It is of such differentiation of the keyword selection and competitors strategic issues is associated with potential because there is a but.

For example, in the case of keyword selection, it is easier to aim for a higher display by giving priority to words with a large volume (number of searches) and low competitiveness. On the other hand, pre- created and does not specify the content to be,
unnecessary expense occurs will you .

Of course, the “EAT” of the content is also important. If we can provide content with a higher “EAT” than our competitors, it will be easier to aim for a higher level of display.

“10 Google Facts” to Remember If You’re an SEO

“10GoogleFacts” is , the official Google of philosophy such things as is . It is SEO of truth and had been said to be was , and it will not suggest whether Google
is updating how the search engine.

10 facts from google

  1. Focus on the user and everything else follows.
  2. It’s best to do one thing very well.
  3. Fast is better than slow.
  4. Democracy on the web works.
  5. You don’t just want to find information when you’re in front of your computer.
  6. You can make money without doing bad things.
  7. There is still a lot of information in the world.
  8. Information needs cross all borders.
  9. You can work seriously without a suit.
  10. “Great” is not enough.

The full text is on the next page.

None of these items may seem to help SEO directly, but if you really want to practice SEO, there are still things to keep in mind.

In particular, the basic idea of ​​a search engine is “1. Focus on the user, everything else follows.”

For example, malicious SEO vendors and sites with poor content quality have been wiped out with major updates.

With this in mind, SEO is not a cost-effective web strategy. If your SEO is “Google Countermeasures”, you will need to take action from the beginning each time an update is disabled.

In other words, SEO is essentially “user measurement” . If you can practice user-first, you don’t have to go back and forth between major updates, which can be a tailwind.

For long-term benefits, it’s more efficient to spend time delivering high-quality content to your users than to tinker with tricks.

Three Attitudes for Successful SEO

SEO is well remembered and it takes a long time to actually work. Therefore, many beginners are frustrated before they succeed .

So, in this part, we’ll discuss three attitudes needed for a successful SEO:

  • make a plan
  • Be aware of the user first
  • Anyway continue

Certain methodologies are important, but if you don’t think about them, no matter how good your skills are, they can fail in practice. Please refer to it without thinking “I don’t want to prepare”.

make a plan

SEO takes time, so it ‘s most important to do it strategically and eliminate waste .

For example, “The theme of the site is like this, the keywords are centered around XX”, “First, create 10 articles”. It doesn’t have to be perfect at first, so you just need to plan, set goals, and execute strategically in advance.

Making a plan not only makes it easier to focus on what you need to do, but also makes it easier to turn PDCA .

Be aware of the user first

As shown in “Google’s 10 Facts,” user-first practices naturally lead to SEO. This is an SEO that I remember well, but in the end, most factors are the users first.

For example, the internal measure of “putting a keyword at the beginning of a title” is another measure that should be taken for users, not search engines.

If you search for “dog discipline toilet”, which title is closest to your search?

  • A complete guide on how to train your dog’s litter box! What are the reasons for failure and the secret to success?
  • We will teach you how to train your dog, such as hands, toilets, and barking habits.

The answer is the former.

This is because many users searching for “dog discipline toilets” want to know how to train their toilets.

If you want to remember your hand, you may be looking for “how to teach a dog”, or if you want to know how to train a dog comprehensively, just enter “how to train a dog”. With that in mind, the latter title seems to be “toilet information seems to
be shallow.”

There are many other measures you can take with user-first thinking without having to remember the details. Also, when learning new measures, learning user-first ideas will deepen your understanding.

Anyway continue

Patience until it works is probably the most necessary attitude for a successful SEO (of course, you have to go through the right process). In other words , your motivation maintenance that is a good SEO in a sense.

As with SEO, only “diet” can be effective on a continuous basis. It is said that the key to a successful diet is to “scale up every day.” Riding a scale leads to getting used to it, and changes in weight lead to motivation.

Similar to “getting on a scale every day” , SEO “following numbers” is a very effective way to get into the habit and stay motivated. If you’re worried about staying motivated, pay attention to the numbers.

Free SEO tools you definitely want to introduce

The use of analytical tools is essential for efficient SEO . You need to learn how to use it, but you can see the results and health of the site at a glance. Even a free tool is convenient enough, so please introduce

This time, we will introduce “Google Analytics” and “Search Console” that most SEO beginners introduce.

Google analytics

Google Analytics is a website access analysis tool provided by Google . You can check the results of access to the site in detail, such as the user’s hometown, staying time, and page views.

There is also a paid version called “Google Analytics 360”, but this is for large companies. Depending on the number of traffic and the granularity of analysis, the free version is basically sufficient for individuals and medium-sized organizations.

Search console

The search console is a tool that allows you to check the SEO level of your website. Find out more about key SEO metrics such as pages included in search results, rankings, and keywords accessed.

The search console can be linked with Google Analytics. If you link, you can check the analysis result of the search console on the Google Analytics screen, so let’s work when introduced.

What is SEO? Summary

SEO is a web metric that helps you rank high in Google search results.

SEO, sometimes referred to as Google Major, is essentially a “user major.” If you run your site with your users first, you’re naturally SEO. Even if it’s hard to remember, don’t forget about the user first.

SEO is , to attract a lot of customers at a low cost can be the advantage that there is, time to be effective There is also a drawback that it takes.

Therefore, when practicing SEO, it is important to maintain the motivation to follow the proper process and continue until it is effective.